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New Name New Feel.

Friends of the shop knew us as JK Cycles, but things have changed a little.  New personnel, updated show room, and new vendors.  The things that have stayed the same are the exceptional service, great prices and friendly service.  The only thing that is missing is you.  This is a motorcycle repair shop but there is so much more going on here.  We have new tenants like, Deadblow Customs (custom leather).  Mark creates all sorts of custom pieces.  The first custom order was for the shop.  He created (biker) wallets and riding masks.  You can see more of his work on then link in Schone's Central Hub.  Also there is Diamond Dog Piercing,  That's right there is a piercing studio in the shop.  Not a biker (yet)? Come see the other product in the shop.  For you bikers out there we have parts, new and used.  We are Drag Specialties, V-Twin, Paughco and Lucas oil authorized dealers.  My technician is a MMI graduate.  Jason is Harley Davidson & Honda certified but he will work on any motorcycle.  Come see the new shop with the new name... Schone Cycles. This is where you will hear about Schone Cycles happenings in Cheyenne.

The Humble Sportster

   Some of you may think of a HD Sportster as a "girls bike" or a beginners bike.  Lets dispel some of those myths.  To start; a Sportster can be a "girls bike" if what you mean is a badass woman who is an experienced rider.  The only thing "beginner" about a Sporty is the price.  Sportsters are top heavy, not the low center of say, a Fatboy.  

   Let's face it. With all the tork  and low weight, the humble Sportstert was neant to be a hot rod.  For the start price, an older Sportster can be an AWESOME build.  There are a lot of them out there that were purchased as a "first bike" for someones "Ol Lady".  Low miles and only dropped once.

   With this in mind we started a project with a discarded 1995 Sportster.  This will be a minimalist (utility if you will) "bar hopper".  The geometry and suspension will remain stock but the looks will be that of a high dollar custom.  This neglected soul started life as a 1995 Harley Davidson 883 Sportster.  Yes it has already been updated to a 1200 CC with an S&S Super E shorty carb.  It puts out a great tone through dual Supertrapp mufflers.  

   Keep an eye out here in the Beautiful Shop Pictures gallery for a look at the project